If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have noticed that RESHOOT R has „gone gold“ this very wednesday. Gone gold: This is an oldschool term basically saying that the game is ready for production.

Or so I thought. The night after I sent the CD-ROM data to the  duplication company, I noticed a critical bug in the last stage of the game. It would have meant that the spaceship of heroine Aryn would not spawn at the very beginning of the stage, but some moments later. Most people would probably not even notice, but I find it has a severe impact on the difficulty curve / playability. Knowing that I spent many weeks on balancing the difficulty curve, such an impact simply seemed unbearable to me.

Therefore, my night was short. I had to find and kill the bug, produce another Master-CD-ROM and send it over to the duplication company, hoping that they could somehow fit the new Master-CD-ROM into their thursday workflow. Which they did. While we are at great news:  The duplication has already taken place by now, the CD-ROMs are on its way to the distributor APC&TCP. Release is scheduled for 31 May 2019.


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